Will County Continuum of Care


The mission of the Will County Continuum of Care is to work in partnership to build a comprehensive service delivery system that leads individuals and families from homelessness to self-sufficiency.

The vision of the Continuum of Care members to create a seamless, comprehensive system of services that:

  • Prevents homelessness
  • Supports the emergency as well as ongoing supportive housing needs of the homeless
  • Provides the tools necessary to sustain independence
  • Leads to permanent self-sufficiency, thereby ending homelessness

About Continuum of Care

The Will County Continuum of Care serves Will, Kendall and Grundy Counties of Illinois to prevent and end homelessness. The area has long supported its homeless and at-risk population through a network of strong and committed service providers.

The purpose of the Will County Continuum of Care is to create a collaborative, inclusive, community-based process and approach to planning for and managing homeless assistance resources and programs effectively and efficiently to end homelessness in Will, Kendall and Grundy Counties.

Together, we WILL end homelessness!

Together, We WILL:

  • Identify gaps, expand existing or develop new services,
  • Collaborate funding opportunities,
  • Reduce duplication and stream service delivery,
  • Measure the effectiveness of services and activities on an ongoing basis.

Meeting Our Vision

In order to meet the vision of the CoC it will take a broad membership to achieve community wide commitment to ending and preventing homelessness. The CoC strives to have as many relevant organizations of the following represented on the full membership:

  • Nonprofit homeless assistance providers
  • Homeless and formerly homeless persons
  • Victim service providers
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Local, State and federal governments
  • Businesses
  • Advocates
  • Public housing agencies
  • School districts
  • Social service providers
  • Mental health agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Affordable housing developers
  • Law enforcement
  • Organizations that serve homeless and formerly homeless veterans
Components Of An Effective Housing Response System