Will County Continuum of Care

Governing Board & Member Agencies

The CoC Governing Board & Member Agencies are the decision-making body responsible for managing community planning, coordination and evaluation to ensure that the system of homeless services and housing rapidly ends people’s homelessness permanently.

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The Continuum of Care Board of Directors

Martha Sojka


Will County Community Development Division of the Land Use Department



City of Joliet Neighborhood Services Division of the Community Development Department

Kamala Martinez

United Way of Will County

Lead Agency, Collaborative Applicant and HMIS lead

Melissa Creamer

Kendall County Public Health

Kendall County Region Representative

Nicole Warner

Cornerstone Services

Hardest to House Homeless Advocate

Ken Buck

Grundy County Veterans Assistance Commission

Grundy County Region Representative

Sandi Perzee

MorningStar Mission

Homeless Advocate

Richard Woodhall

Consumer Leadership Committee Chair

Formerly Homeless Individual

Kelli Gritzenbach

Will County Regional Office of Education

McKinney Vento Representative

Courtney Suchor

Catholic Charities – Diocese of Joliet

ESG Representative

Tina Pourroy

Housing Authority of Joliet


Mary McGavin

Guardian Angel Community Services


Karylin Clevenger

Kendall County Veteran Assistance Commission

At-Large Seat

Andrea DeTellis

Prairie States Legal Services


Israeio Holloway

Hope and Divine Purpose Transitional Living Home, Inc.


The Continuum of Care Staff

The United Way of Will County is the lead agency, collaborative applicant and HMIS lead agency for the Will County Continuum of Care. Staff includes:

Merridith Montgomery

CoC Executive Director

Brent DeCarlo

HMIS System Administrator